Resident Handbook


Thank you for choosing to rent a property through us.  We are a property management company that leases and cares for homes for a wide variety of property owners.  The following information will be useful to you during the time you reside in one of our properties.

Issuance of Keys

Keys to your property will be issued on the day of occupancy during our normal business hours.   All deposits and rent due must be paid prior to issuance of keys.

Moving In

We have made every effort to have your home in good condition for your arrival.  At the time you signed your rental agreement, you were provided with a Move-In Inspection form.  You should complete this document and return it to our office within seven days following the signing of your rental agreement.  The Move-In Inspection form is for your protection.  You should list any pre-existing damage or deficiency in the property.  We will utilize this form when we conduct the move-out inspection when you vacate the property.  It is therefore in your best interest to carefully complete the form.  Should you believe it necessary, you are welcome to provide photos or other documentation.

Payment of Rent

Rent is due on the first day of each month in our office.  Rent is paid based on receipt in our office not postmarked date.  For your convenience we offer several ways to pay your rent.  First we offer debit/credit payments and e-checks which can be accessed through the resident log-in page unter the “Resident” tab.  We also offer automatic bank drafts which you can set-up with us in advance.  This service guarantees that your rent will be  paid in a timely manner and you will not be charged a late fee due to a post-office delivery delay or a lost check.  Late fees are levied after the 5th of the month.    Our standard late fee is$25/day.    WE DO NOT WAIVE LATE FEES.  If we waive a late fee for one person, we are treating all others unfairly.

Late Fee Policy

If your rent is received one or more days late you will be charged the late fee as set forth in the rental agreement.  Your rental agreement states that rent, late charges, and other legitimate charges will be posted to the resident account.  Payments received are applied to the oldest outstanding charge first.  If there is an outstanding charge on your account when your rent is due, payments will be applied toward the outstanding charges first and then toward the current rent charge.  If the payment is not sufficient to cover past due charges as well as the current rent charge, your current rent will be short.  If the rent is short you will incur a late charge.  To avoid late charges be sure to pay all rent t and any charges posted on your account by the time your current rent is due.

Returned Checks

Your rental agreement states the amount you will be charged for each returned check.  Our current fee is $30.00 for each check returned.  You will be charged this fee even if the check clears upon re-submission to the bank.  In addition, if the returned check is for payment of rent, you will be charged late fees through the date the check clears the bank on re- submission or until you provide certified funds to pay for the returned check.  Depending upon the date the check is returned, you also may receive a three-day notice of non-compliance with your rental agreement.  The charge for posting this notice (currently approximately $30.00) will also be charged to you.


When you signed your rental agreement, you gave us a deposit to cover any potential damage to the property, cost of cleaning at the end of your residency, or unpaid rent.  YOUR DEPOSIT MAY NOT BE USED AS YOUR LAST MONTH’S RENT.

Upon check-out the residence must be returned to it’s pre-lease state with the exception of normal wear and tear.  The deposit check will be refunded within a month minus any outstanding rent, bills, late fees, and additional cost of cleaning/repair required to return the residence to its original state. 

Utility Services

If gas, electric, water,  trash, internet, and cable services are in the name of the owner or property manager.  The bills are divided among the residents as specified in the lease and billed according each month on the tenant statement.


Maintenance and repairs are generally the items of most concern to our residents.  For maintenance emergencies, please call (785)6563081. 

Minor maintenance issues should be reported to the property manager assigned to your property.  It may take as long as two weeks to complete minor repairs.  As property managers, we are required to get permission from the property owner prior to undertaking many repairs.

You will be billed for a service call under the following circumstances:

  • You scheduled a service call appointment and failed to be present at the scheduled time.
  • You requested service for a non-existent problem.  This includes re-setting a breaker or Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) to restore electrical power and re-setting a breaker on a garbage disposal.
  • The problem was caused by improper use of the provided facilities. Classic cases include dumping grease down the sink or flushing feminine products each causing clogged sewer lines.  
  • If you lose your keys and need a replacement or if a maintenance call is required to unlock your residence, you will be charged a fee.

Please do not flush any feminine products, condoms, or any other un-natural items down the stools. Local plumbing specialists suggest not using thick, plush bath tissue.  They believe the cheaper, thinner tissues are BEST because they break down faster and easier

Specific Maintenance Issues

Please pay particular attention to things such as leaking pipes or hoses and slow drains.   Timely repair of these types of maintenance items can save costly clean-up and repairs as well as resident inconvience.

Each resident should identify where the main water shut-off valve  and breaker box are located in case of an emergency.