Although no one can predict the future in the short run we are committed to the belief that real estate is an excellent long-term investment.  We believe that people who own investment single-family homes, duplexes, quads, and small apartment buildings will build wealth that they can count on in the future.  If owning investment real estate is part of your financial strategy, we have much to offer. 

Steps to a successful real estate investment:

  1. Buy right:   Our staff has the experience and savvy to assist you in locating and evaluating the best investment properties.
  2. Smart Rennovation:  Our staff chooses durable products that can be purchased at affordable prices.  We are experts in the remodel industry.  We sometimes sub-contract portions of the work, but only to proven reliable vendors.
  3. Proper rental management:   We know how to maximize your returns and minimize your risk.  Our professional property managers will locate residents and/or manage the property.
  4. Relax:   Our affordable property management services save you time, money and hassles.